PING AND FRIENDS the TV show follows Ping and her friends as they find musical inspiration in unlikely places. While having fun with words and sounds, they come up with the most fantastical tunes imaginable. Ping and Friends help young viewers grow their vocabulary, discover rhythm and rhyme.

Targeted at audiences of 3 to 7 years old, the series covers curriculum concepts in a playful and creative way.

  • 1
    Rhythm is explored with each episode. This fosters musical knowledge that is reinforced by movement, kinaesthetically. Sing, clap, dance, tap your toes, clap your hands and make some noise! Stand up and move around! Music is great gateway to participation and movement.
  • 2
    Melodies in the show are simple and repeatable, so children can sing along with the melody. Rhyme elements are introduced in the lyrics of the songs. They are easy to sing along with the song.
  • 3
    Understanding of tempo as a fundamental concept of music. Songs go faster and then slower. Closely related to this, there are rests in music, i.e., a silent pause, and then the music starts up again, introducing a break into a dance number or a pause in the story.
  • 4
    We engage the audience in conversation through the characters of the series using new vocabulary through the episodes, with a careful dose of repetition. Repetition at this age is a key to add new words to musical and general vocabulary.
  • 5
    A fantastic variety of friends from all around the world that visit Ping and Pong during the series. Each one plays instruments from their culture. Children are introduced to various instruments (sounds and timbres) that are used in music from around the world.
  • 6
    All of Melody Meadow friends collaborate to make music together. Music is often a collaborative art.
  • 7
    In the show, we see how musical instruments can be self-made: from utensils from the kitchen to recycled objects or things found in nature. Everything makes a sound. Mix them all together and make music.
  • 8
    Experiencing music and sounds in a story triggers emotions. Moments are happy or sad, but there is always a way to solve the emotions with the right words and a bit of music.
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    Learning opportunities in the Ping and Friends game

    Based on the Ping and Friends TV show, the games explore sound, rhythm and melody. The game allows kids to take the driver’s seat and follow their own path to discover three original musical activities that allow them to enrich their musical knowledge and extend the reach of their musical learning through play: Clean up the sounds with Mr. Prickles and Matilda, a memory game of sound association and Music is everywhere, a listening discovery game of musical sounds and Jam with Ping and Pong, a freestyle instrumental exploration game. These games help build player’s spatial awareness and memory skills, while highlighting free style discovery. The application aims to introduce notions related to musical curriculum outcomes. The games cast a wide variety of experiences to reach various age groups. We are exposing the audience to sounds from many instruments from varied sources, styles, genres and origins. The games are easy and keep discovery fun.